Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

6"x 8" Plein Air Study
Oil on Panel

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Winter Waterhole

Santa Clarita

9" x 12" Plein Air Painting
Oil on Panel

9" x 12" Plein Air painting, Oil on Panel

Sunday, November 02, 2014

This Sway

9" x 12" Oil Painting

Started En Plein Air and completed in Studio

This painting has taken many turns in its creation. I struggled getting it to the place where I was satisfied. In the final 10 minutes, I scraped downmy failed attempts and thought very carefully about my approach, each move had a specific purpose. In those last moments I found the purest form of what i was trying to say all along.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Under the Bridge

Iron Horse Trail, Santa Clarita

This was a rather remote spot under the bridge at Iron Horse Trail. My painting buddy Ernie was down the road a bit. I was trying to keep one eye open for snakes, mountain lions, or whatever other wildlife might surprise me. There were only little lizards scampering around.

9" x 12" Plein Air Study
Oil on Panel

Monday, September 01, 2014

Hints of Fall- Iron Horse Trail

6" x 12"  Plein Air Study
Oil on Panel
Study of Joel

12" x 16" Life Study 
Oil on Panel

The Village

8" x 10" Plein Air Study
Oil on Panel
Eastern Strength

16" x 20 " Life Study 
Oil on Panel

Nobility in Silk

12" x 16" Life Study
Oil on Panel

Rancho Camulos Plein Air Studies

9" x 12" Plein Air Studies
Oil on Panel

Ascending Peaks of Norway

30" x 40" Oil on Panel
30" x 40" Oil on Panel

Friday, June 13, 2014

Return to Vasquez

9" x 12" Plein Air Painting
Oil on Panel

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sensual Blue

18" x 24" Life Study
Oil on Panel

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Woman Warrior

The Woman Warrior by elle3b
The Woman Warrior, a photo by elle3b on Flickr.

Creating a backdrop or scene to support the character and story I am telling was the challenge of this pose. Many artists work easily from their imagination to create wonderful scenes for their viewers. I am not that type of artist. I have spent so many years representing or interpreting what is within my view, I find this type of fabrication very difficult, but I am wanting to bring more into my work and the scenes I create. 

The model sat for us and my imagination transformed her and this simple interior into her personal court. Here is where she finds a moment to lessen her guard yet never her grip. A barrier to her vulnerability.

Invention was my challenge yesterday, and though the painting may or may not be the best I can do, I still find the expansion to my creative process worthwhile and the push to do more satisfying.
18" x 24" Life Study
Oil on Panel

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Friday, March 07, 2014

#Oil Painting, #ArtSlam; My Lady

My Lady by elle3b
My Lady, a photo by elle3b on Flickr.
18" x 24" Life Study in Oils on Panel
Done for the City of Santa Clarita, FEM Slam,
Celebrating Female Artists.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Favorite!

New Favorite! by elle3b
New Favorite!, a photo by elle3b on Flickr.
Was lucky enough to paint over the holidays with some exceptionally talented painters. This was one is a series of several that I feel came out pretty well. I was trying to get some nice color into her skin tones and work on some more finishing techniques with the bit of extra time I had.

16" x 20" Life Study
Oil on Panel

Friday, January 03, 2014

Big John

Big John by elle3b
Big John, a photo by elle3b on Flickr.
Working next to some mighty fine painters, hoping that some of their MOJO wears off on me !

Big John

16" x 20" Life Study in Oils

Friday, December 06, 2013

With Child

With Child by elle3b
With Child, a photo by elle3b on Flickr.
A young woman on the precipice of childbirth.
The fullness of her body and innocence to the road ahead.
Am witness to her anticipation and joy, while experiencing a knowingness of my own. A road traveled long ago but never forgotten.

12" x 16" Life Study
Oils on Panel

Sunday, December 01, 2013

"Sentrees" of Central Park

"Sentrees" by elle3b
"Sentrees", a photo by elle3b on Flickr.
One of my favorite times of the day is in the mornings when I go for a walk with Warren and my dogs Sandy and Bella. It is peaceful and beautiful on the trails in Central Park.

I was walking along a typical route when I "re" noticed these great trees. I kept thinking, I have to paints these and finally yesterday I did. I snuck away in the middle of a whole lot of things to do, and painted with my painting buddy Ernie.

I enjoyed showing him around the park. I see some other obvious scenes that call to be painted. I know I will be back with my brush in hand.

11" x14" Plein Air Painting

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mary's Gift

Mary's Gift by elle3b
Mary's Gift, a photo by elle3b on Flickr.
I will forever be intrigued by this beautiful imagery of the Mother and Child. The intimacy of this relationship cannot be described. The closeness felt as a mother to this new life is as strong as any thread found in the universe. We protect and ultimately sacrifice our child to the world. I wondered as I painted this scene what Mary might have thought while holding her very special son. I have never lost my love of the the Madonna and all the love she represents.

12" x 16" Oil on Panel

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Life Study of Maya

Life Study of Maya by elle3b
Life Study of Maya, a photo by elle3b on Flickr.
Nice working monochromatically. Always great to study values and practice drawing.

I tell my students, be patient with yourself and practice whenever you can. Learning to painting takes time and commitment.
I find it my life's obsession.

16" x 20"
Oil on Canvas Board

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Rock Study, Elesmere Canyon

Rock Study, Elesmere Canyon by elle3b
Rock Study, Elesmere Canyon, a photo by elle3b on Flickr.
Went out with my painting pals to Elesmere Canyon to paint for a few hours on Friday. We went later in the day so we could work on capturing the late in the day lighting.
I focused in on a grouping of rocks on the mountain.

Need a lot more practice as it is quite a challenge to simplify all the details of the formations.

I scrambled around a bit but finally found my way. Glad my friend Ernie gave me a thumbs up, as it did give me some much needed encouragement. This painting was almost scrapped, but I did not give up on it.

9" x 12" Plein Air Study
Oil on Panel

Friday, July 19, 2013

My Time with Marjorie
By Lorelle A. Miller

I want to take a moment to remember a recent encounter with a woman named Marjorie, an eloquent 94 years old who attended several of my art classes at Summerhill Villa.

Marjorie came to my class with the intention of getting back to art, which she had been away from for years. She was unsure as to whether she would be able to
do the work she once loved.

We had an immediate rapport. I realized that this was a very special gift to have her in my class and witness her process as she made her way back to painting. Marjorie did not let her physical restrictions hinder her desire, she worked with an oxygen tube attached to her nose, a patch over her left eye, which was going blind, headaches, and only wheel chair access, none of this stopped her.

She wanted to do a painting of her great grandson, and so we got to work. I helped get her started on the drawing, which she took to right away. She scrutinized every angle of her drawing as well as developed answers to certain compositional challenges. Her mind was sharp and her goal clear. Once I worried as I saw her doze off for a bit, unsure myself as to what might be happening. I discreetly went to find some help, only to find her awake and drawing again by the time I had returned.

Marjorie finished the drawing and was ready to start painting. She was a bit hesitant, saying that she did not know if she could do this anymore. I reassured her once more that I would be there and help her; I told her “we can do this!”,  she smiled.

 I helped her with her paint mixtures and she dove in. Painting intently for 2 hours at a time. She told me by the end of the last session we were together that she had started out with a headache and by the time the class was over and her great grandson’s painting was beginning to emerge, her headache was gone. “It just shows me that it is emotional” she exclaimed. She had made amazing progress; I could detect her skill coming through. I helped her pack up and carefully put away her painting for the next session. We said our goodbyes and she graciously thanked me.

I just remembered that Marjorie had been wheeled into my class at the very first time when I was lecturing about some very complicated color concepts.  Her care-taker said she wanted to hear the lecture and she found it very interesting. As I think back I remember being sort of caught off guard by the very elderly woman seated so close to me so she could hear and see what I was talking about. 

Marjorie missed class one day and I wondered. I noticed her absence the next class and then her daughter came in.  Her mother had died the night before. Her daughter Pam was there to tell me how much she appreciated me working with her mom, and that this class had made a big difference in her stay at Summerhill.  I knew our time together was special from the first time we worked together.

It is not every day that you get a journey like this one at the end of someone’s life. I was so touched by all this I wanted to write about it so I never forget these precious hours.

I remember telling Marjorie that with any luck I will live as long as she had and still be able to do my work, the work I have loved from the very beginning. To me this great lady stood as a symbol of hope for all of us in the class, that art can live with us and help us up to our last breath. We can continue to express, communicate and enjoy our process as long as we desire.

Thank you Marjorie for the time we shared and for the gifts we exchanged. It was a short, but remarkable journey.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Norwegian Splendor and Sheep

Norwegian Splendor and Sheep by elle3b
Norwegian Splendor and Sheep, a photo by elle3b on Flickr.

Last night I finished my painting of Norway, and today my son sets foot in this beautiful country for the first time to meet my family that lives there. My brother David (now deceased) would be smiling to know our sons will be together.

My hope is to return there myself one day soon and take in more of the natural beauty that exists everywhere you look.

This country along my wonderful sister-in-law Liv have graced my life from very early on.

30" x 40" Oil on Panel

Friday, June 28, 2013

Persian Beauty

Persian Beauty by elle3b
Persian Beauty, a photo by elle3b on Flickr.

A lovely model, and certain push in my mind to seek out the best I could do. An appreciation for the moment and an enhanced understanding that this is a special privilege to mark down this impression of a human being and bring life to her image.

12" x 16" Life Study, Oil on Panel

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Courbet Self Portrait, by Lorelle

Today I finished the portrait of Courbet which was started as a demo for the San Fernando Valley art club last week.

I am mystified by what comes over me as I step into the shoes of these master artists. I feel as though I am dancing with them, getting to know them as I work and follow their footsteps. Their voices echo in the chambers of my mind with my own paintings. I want so badly to reach these very special heights with my art.

My husband asks me what I want from my art. The only answer I can give is that I want to be the very best artist I can be while I have the breath to do so.

18" x 24" Pastel on Panel