Friday, January 04, 2013

Nature's Voice

Nature's Voice by elle3b
Nature's Voice, a photo by elle3b on Flickr.
How do I possibly represent nature’s beautiful voice? I work and lament over my failures. The beauty touches me so deeply and then once I face the act of painting I am brought my to my knees as this calls me to humble myself and question how I could ever expect to bring such exhilaration to a canvas. I have faced this conundrum so many times in my art, yet I cannot give up the need to express the beauty I see in this world. The voice that reaches into the deep chords of my heart and helps me realize this life is beautiful and precious. I may try and fail, over and over again, but I will be forever grateful for the gift of sight, of voice and all the wonderment of this miraculous world.

18" x 24" Oil on Panel

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Barbara Ralsten said...

The shades and colors are so eye catching and glowing, soft, absolutely lovely. I look at other works and so admire the ability. I appreciate your frustration but you actually do the work, I mostly look today.:-)